My current Availability

•Historical Research Associates -2016
•Phase II testing
-Southwest Connector Project, Jackson County, OR

•Logan Simpson -2015
•Survey and Site Recording
-Tonkin, Eureka County, NV
-3 Bar, Eureka County, NV
-Duffy Mountain, Grant County, WA
-Buzzard, Harney County, OR
-Bryant Mountain, Klamath County, OR
-Second Surrender, Klamath County, OR
-Douglas-Northstar, Grant County, WA
-Sage Grouse Juniper Cuts project, Deschutes County, OR

•University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History -2015

-OR140 Bly Mountain project, Klamath County OR

• Excavations
-Fort Rock Cave, Lake County OR

•Test Probes, Site Reconnaissance
-Yamhill Bridge
-Boring Overpass
-Olalla Creek at Jennings Bridge
-PME Cline Hill
-I84 Three Mile Creek Culvert
-Burma Slide Powers Project
-US101 Site Impact
-Brogan Hill Washout Project
-OR53 Joe Creek

•Debitage Analysis and Report Contribution
-Tumalo State Park Project

•Report Background Research, Photography, Mapping
-OR126 Wind Erosion Stabilization
-Olalla Jennings Creek Bridge
-Tumalo State Park Project
-Brogan Hill Washout Project

-Fort Rock Cave 1966 Recovered Boxes
-Suttle Lake Central Electric Monitoring
-Brogan Hill Washout Project
-Tumalo State Park Project

•Curation and Archival Work
-Suttle Lake Central Electric Project
-Tumalo State Park Project

•Tom Origer & Associates -2015

-Lone Tree Ranch- Antioch CA
-Capay Streambed – Esparto CA

•Letter of Estimate
–Capay Streambed Project

•Project Completion Report
-Including archival research, Section 106 compliance review & recommendations.



-Poster Presentation “How the Fish Remains Contribute to Our Understanding of Paisley 5 Mile Point Cave”, GBAC 2016, Sponsored by MNCH
-Paper Presentation “Correlating Fish Remains to Human Activity at Paisley Caves”, Portland State University Student Research Symposium, 2015
-Paper Presentation “Fish Remains of Paisley Caves”, NWAC 2015, Sponsored by MNCH
-Poster Presentation “A first Look at Fish Remains from the Paisley 5 Mile Point Caves”, GBAC 2014, Sponsored by MNCH

Education Specific:

B.A. in Anthropology, History from Portland State University

-History of Warfare by Dr. Brian Turner, PSU, Winter 2015
-History of Commodities by Dr. Joe Bohling, PSU, Fall 2014 & Winter 2015
-Osteology Training by Dr. Natalie Vasey, PSU, Fall 2014
-Histography by Dr. Joe Bohling, PSU, Spring 2014
-Public Archaeology by Dr. Virginia Butler, PSU, Spring 2014
-Forensic Science by Dr. Kori Barnum, PSU, Spring 2014
-Faunal Analysis by Dr. Virginia Butler, PSU, Winter 2014
-Mimbres Culture Timeline Project by Dr. Doss Powell, PVCC, Spring 2012
-Faunal Analysis Training by Dr. Doss Powell, PVCC Fall & Spring 2012
-Forensic Anthropology by Dr. Doss Powell, PVCC, Fall 2012

Volunteering and Other Projects

2016-East Oregon Strontium Sampling Project with Kirsten Lopez
2016-Dog Lake Coring Project Volunteer with Dr. Dan Gavin
2016-Connley Caves Volunteer (35LK50) with Dr. Dennis Jenkins
2016-Fort Rock Caves Volunteer (35LK1) with Dr. Tom Connolly
2015-Fort Rock Caves Volunteer (35LK1) with Dr. Tom Connolly
2015-Connley Caves Volunteer (35LK50) with Dr. Dennis Jenkins
2015- Archaeology Roadshow-Event Organizer
2015- Northwest Anthropological Conference- preparation and organization
2015 -Cathlapotle Plankhouse Chinook Nation Winter Celebration- Crew
2014- Archaeology Roadshow- Presentation

My current Availability